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Laura Duque


I'm Laura Vanessa Duque Cardozo , I'm sixteen years old.

I was born first of february of 1998 in Espinal-Tolima.

I live in Block i house 4b in the neigborhood Arkabal.

My dad is Jhon Alexander Duque Trujillo, Is seller of natural medicine.

My mom is Alejandra María Cardozo Sandoval , She is a housewife.

I have a sister and I'm the first, My sister's name is Nicol and she's nine years old.

I have a brother and I'm the first, My brother is Andeson and it has thirteen years old

I have a dog and his name is Shiber.

My favorite food is the Spaguetthi.

I want study in the University of Tolima.

I want study photography.

I like dance, is a passion.

My favorite team is Football Club Barcelona, California.

I have a fear to the Heights.


My family is so important to me.

I love my friends, we live amazing moments.

My Friend is Angie .

She is Karen my friend .

Me and my classmates visit the University of Tolima, is a awesome University.

Me and my classmates visit the pool The Naranjos.

I admire my mother because she's so special and amazing like a mom.

I want to travel to Cancun Islands.

My boyfriend is so amazing

I like Cabo de la Vela because is so beautiful, the sea is awesome and his people is so cool

My best friend is Kelly.

My favorite game is Trivia Crack.

My favorite singer is Andrés Cepeda.

My favorite sport is Basquetball.

I like to watch La selecc10n.